Saturday, April 9, 2016

Customized Throw Pillows

Zazzle has some of the best pillows EVER!

I have purchased several throw pillows for my livingroom couch and I love them!
I've also purchased the Zazzle pillows for gifts and everyone that has received one loves it.

The pillows are actually in a case that comes off and can easily be put in the washer.
The printing is always superb. All the pillows I have purchased, I've made myself. A few of them I used my own photography pictures and a few I've used graphics I've made.

I offer LOTS of pillow designs in My Zazzle store- Designer Pillows

I have pillows with beach photography, nature photography, animal photography, cute graphic designs for kids, boys, and girls. 
I also have sports related pillows and cute and pretty designs and holiday themed pillows like Christmas.
Go take a look at my pillows on my Zazzle shop and I'm sure you'll find something you'll want to use in your home.

ALL of my pillows can be customized/personalized with a date, date, and even your own photos.
ALL pillows are 2-sided printed at no extra cost!

Here's a few pillows I offer.....but I have so many more!!
Thank you for looking.

Soccer Girl Throw Pillows
Soccer Girl Throw Pillows by designerpillows
Find other Soccer Pillows at
Pink Floral Designer Pillows
Pink Floral Designer Pillows by designerpillows
Browse other pillow designs on Zazzle.
Old Tobacco Barn Pillow
Old Tobacco Barn Pillow by designerpillows
Look at more Buildings Pillows at zazzle

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Big Brother Little Brother- Fire Truck Products

Cute products for little and big brothers who love fire trucks.

This adorable fire truck design for little brothers and big brothers and big brothers is available on many products like t-shirts, pillows, infant onesies, baby blankets, stuffed animals, and much more.

MATCHING shirts for big brothers and little brothers.....
               Little Brother Shirt            Big brother
Little brothers and big brothers who love fire trucks will love our custom products that would make great gifts for little boys.

To see more products this little brother design is available on click the following link:

Horse Riding Shirt

Horse riding t-shirts for those who love horses.

This awesome shirt would make a great gift for women who love riding horses.
A horse graphic and the saying,
When life gets complicated I ride is featured on these shirts for women.

 Horse shirts

Friday, November 21, 2014

Santa Across The United States

Santa Across the Country

Are you looking for cute Santa Clause themed products that are state related (THE UNITED STATES)? Well here you will find some really cute and unique customizable products featuring Santa holding state flags.

You will find state related Christmas items from A-W....Alabama to Washington.

Looking for a unique Christmas gift for a loved one? Well, why not send them a cute Christmas graphic featuring a state that is special to them.

Here's a few samples but there are MANY more to choose from at the following link.....

Here is a beautiful Christmas tree ornament featuring Santa holding a State of Florida flag.
These ornaments would make lovely gifts for friends and loved ones. 

Santa Claus With Ensign Of Florida Ornaments
Santa Claus With Ensign Of Florida Ornaments by santa_claus_usa
Browse additional ornaments at

Decorate your home this holiday season with this cool Santa Cluas wall clock featuring a graphic of Santa Claus holding a Kentucky flag (this clock is available with ALL States!!)

Santa Claus With Ensign Of Kentucky Clocks

Santa Claus With Ensign Of Kentucky Clocks by santa_claus_usa
Find additional Wall Clocks

This Santa hat features a graphic if Santa holding a Michigan state flag and would make great gifts for your Michigan friends and family.
Santa Claus With Ensign Of Michigan Santa Hat
Santa Claus With Ensign Of Michigan Santa Hat by santa_claus_usa
Shop for another Zazzle Santa Hat

See how cute these unique Christmas items are? So don't wait...head on over to the Zazzle shop and search for your favorite state gifts.
A few other products available with Christmas designs are,
pillows, speakers, cutting boards, phone cases, night lights, mugs, candy tins, jewelry, coasters and so much more!! You're sure to find that special Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Funny Christmas Shirts

Looking to have fun this holiday season? This funny Christmas shirt is sure to be a conversation starter! This Christmas shirt for girls (and some guys) features a cartoon Santa head and the saying, Dear Santa, All I Want Is Your Naughty Boy List.

These funny Christmas designs/sayings are also available on MANY products- other than tees.
Just follow the following link.......

Santa's Naughty Boy List Tshirt
Santa's Naughty Boy List Tshirt by OneStopGiftShop
See other Christmas T-Shirts at zazzle

Christmas Wrapping Paper

At Custom Wrap we offer many varieties of wrapping paper.

With Christmas right around the corner, now is the time to get your unique, fun, festive Christmas wrapping paper. 

Here's a few Christmas wrapping paper designs we offer. To see the full list of Christmas and other holidays/occasions visit us at:

Ice Skating Snowman Christmas Wrapping Paper
Ice Skating Snowman Christmas Wrapping Paper by customwrap
Look at more Christmas Wrapping Paper at zazzle
Glowing Christmas Tree Design Wrapping Paper
Glowing Christmas Tree Design Wrapping Paper by customwrap
View Christmas Wrapping Paper online at zazzle

We offer unique wrapping paper for sports fans, cute wrapping paper for kids, birthday wrapping paper and much more. C'mon by our shop and check it all out.

Customized Christmas Cards

Looking for unique, customized Christmas cards to send to friends, family, and co-workers?
At Greeting Cards Galore we have MANY cute, elegant, fun Christmas cards to choose from and ALL can be customized by you, the customer, FREE OF CHARGE!!

Here's just a few of the many I offer in my Zazzle shop. You can choose your font, color, add photos, and more. Have fun decorating your Christmas cards!
For more customizable Christmas cards, visit our card shop at:

Cute Snowman Christmas Cards