Thursday, January 9, 2014

Do You Love To Chat?

Do you like to chat with others? Do you like to give your advice? Do you like to give reviews on movies, book, etc? And the last question- DO YOU LIKE TO EARN EASY MONEY?
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(You must be atleast 18 to join)

This is NO gimmick!! Chat About is a fun, easy way to earn a little extra cash, Amazon gift cards, and products.

What is Chat About?
It's an online forum where you can chat, ask questions or give answers and reviews on things that interest you and earn points when you do so. Those points can be "cashed in" for Pay Pal Cash, Amazon gift cards, and prizes (that are pretty cool by the way).
You also get points when you refer your friends. So join, get your friends to join with your special affiliate link and you will earn 20% of their earned points.

Rules & Guidelines

Each time you leave a comment, answer a questions, refer your friends, or participate in our community, you are awarded points! Simply visit your profile page to cash those points for a range of great prizes shipped to you absolutely free!

Your answers must be at least 20 words

Answers, comments, reviews must be 100% original by you

Your comments/answers must be relevant

Points System
2 - Leave a comment anywhere on Topics
3 - Reply to a comment anywhere on Topics
2 - Ask a question (Q&A section)
2 - Answer another members question (Q&A section)
2 - Reply to a news article (News Section)
10 - Write a review
20 - Write an article

Bonus Area - Added daily! 
Refer Friends - 20% of your friends points forever!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to CHAT ABOUT and get started earning some money by chatting.

Oh yeah....the best part- IT IS FREE!! And if you order a prize gift- you do NOT even pay for shipping!! See, it is 100% FREE!!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Save The Ta Tas Breast Cancer Awareness Products

Breast Cancer Awareness shirts and other products featuring the saying- Save The Ta Tas with a pink awareness ribbon.

Show your support for breast cancer awareness with these unique products featuring this design. We offer MANY shirt styles and colors, mugs, cups, tote bags, and many more
products but here's a few. Click the following link to see ALL products.


For more Breast Cancer Awareness designs and sayings, please visit my Cafe Press store- Colors of the Rainbow. I will be adding more awareness products soon. So keep checking back. And thank you for visiting.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we are showcasing some of our products featuring a pink awareness ribbon and breast cancer awareness sayings.

Our breast cancer awareness water bottles, shirts and hats would be perfect to wear when you do your breast cancer awareness walks. We also offer mugs, jewelry, cups, cards, pillows, tote bags and much more featuring breast cancer awareness sayings and designs.

Here's a sample of what we offer and all designs and products can be found in my store-
Colors of the Rainbow- where we will be offering many more awareness products.

This breast cancer awareness shirt features a pink ribbon, boxing gloves, and the saying
FIGHT FOR A CURE. This saying/design is available on MANY products!

All of us ladies call our boobies "the girls" so here is a breast cancer awareness shirt for girls like me.
A pink ribbon, pink boxing gloves and the saying, Fighting for my girls is available on shirts, mugs, water bttles, and many more products.

Breast Cancer Awareness shirts for men and women. Wouldn't it be great if your man supported breast cancer awareness with these cool t-shirts that feature a pink ribbon, pink boxing gloves, and the saying I fight cause I like Boobies. Of curse these shirts are perfect for women too. And this design/saying is available on MANY more products.

These are just a few of the Breast Cancer Awareness designs we offer. For more, please visit my online Cafe Press Store.

Show your support for breast cancer awareness with our beautiful, cute, and some funny breast cancer awareness shirts and products.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tractor Shirts For Girls

If you're a southern girl who loves to live the country life, then you'll love these tractor themed shirts and gifts.

A pink tractor and the saying A Girl's Gotta Do What A Girl's Gotta Do is available on MANY shirt styles and colors and many gift deas like mugs, cards, prints, several tote bag styles, lunch bags, phone cases and much more!!
Click on this link and you'll see all the available unique products featuring this pink tractor and saying.

At We Tees You, we offer MANY categories of shirts and gifts- sports, cute, funny, country/redneck, horse, and much more. You're sure to find the perfect gift.

32 NEW Shower Curtain Designs

I have recently added 32 new designs for shower curtains.
That now puts us at almost 400 (??) shower curtain designs- I have lost track.

I have added deer shower curtains, elk shower curtains, elegant floral shower curtains, camo shower curtains and much more!!

C'mon by the shop and take a look at the new ones....and the old ones. I am sure you will find some you would love to decorate your bathroom with.

Here's a few samples of the new ones added:

This beautiful shower curtains features a photo of a bright yellow sunflower that I took in my own yard and would add beautiful color to your bathroom.

The perfect shower curtain for baseball fans. 3 baseballs and the saying, Baseball Fanatic
on a red background.

A beautiful and elegant yet simple shower curtain featuring a beautiful art design
of a black butterfly and flower design on a white background.

Cute racecar themed shower curtains for kids featuring a blue striped racecar, blue stars and red and blue stripes. Boys who love racing and racecars will love this adorable design. This is also available in pin for the girls who love racecars too.

Pink camo pattern shower curtains for southern, country girls. This is also available
in grey and green camo for the guys.

We also have holiday themed shower curtains- Christmas, Halloween and more.
We offer a variety of shower curtains from elegant to cute.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cute Flip Flops

If you're looking for unique flip flops, flip flops that your friends won't have, and not the same ol' boring flip flops you purchase in a chain store, then check out the few hundred flip flop designs I offer at my Cafe Press shop- Fancy Feet . Head to the beach or a summer picnic with our cool and fun flip flops!!

You will find cute flip flops for kids, elegant flip flops for women, sports flip flops for sports fans, beach themed flip flops, butterfly flip flops for girls, Christmas themed flip flops, and much more!! At Fancy Feet we have unique flip flops for women, men, and kids in many sizes.

Our flip flops come in 4 strap colors that you, as the customer, can choose.

Here's a few flip flops that we offer and MANY MORE can be found at


We have over 200 designs on flip flops to choose from so I am sure you'll find something you like!!

Christmas Themed Shower Curtains

If you're looking for that extra touch to add to your home during the holiday season, then check out our Christmas themed shower curtains. Your bathroom can be just as festive for the holidays as the rest of your home.

We offer elegant Christmas designs, cute snowman designs, and many more Christmas themes.
Here's just a little bit of the Christmas shower curtains we offer. To see all of our Christmas designs and other categories check out my Cafe Press store at.............

For more unique shower curtains featuring cute patterns, kids patterns, beach pictures, elegant designs, and much more, check out my shower curtain section at: