Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fishing T-shirts

Fishing tees for men, women, and kids.

These apparel products feature the saying- FISHING, Not a matter of life or death. It's more important than that with a fishing pole graphic.

These fishing t-shirts would make great gifts for the fisherman in your life (and fisher-women!).
These fishing tees are available in many styles, colors, and sizes.

 Fishing t-shirts

For more fishing tees and products featuring fishing sayings visit us at:

Beach themed pajamas!

YES! I also offer pajamas in my Cafe Press shops.
Here's a cute little beach saying available on women's/girls pajamas.

If you love the beach as much I do (who doesn't??), you'll love these PJ's that have the saying,
"When In Doubt Go To The Beach".

Well, I am in doubt and I think the beach is a perfect place to go and reflect. ;)

These pajamas are available in sizes: small-2X

 Beach themed pajamas

For MORE beach themed products like shirts, mugs, pillows, shower curtains, and more visit my shop at:

Brown Tone Colored Shower Curtains

*NEW* Today- Brown Toned Shower Curtains

I have added 7 new shower curtains using brown earth tone colors for those who like simple yet elegant shower curtains.

These shower curtains are designed with diamond patterns, line/abstract patterns, and more. Here's a sample of the new shower curtains I just added today to my Cafe Press store.

 Brown tone shower curtains
 Brown Pattern Shower Curtains

 Brown Diamond Pattern Shower Curtains

 Brown shower curtains

We offer MANY designs on shower curtains! We have sports themed shower curtains, elegant shower curtains, beach themed shower curtains, fun shower curtains, kids themed shower curtains, and lots more. Come by and check us out at:

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cute Beach Towels

Hit the beach this summer with your very own unique beach towel.

I have many beach towels to choose from and you can be guaranteed no one on the beach or at the beach party will have a towel like yours!

I have cute beach towels for kids, beach themed towels, sports themed beach towels, and much more.
Come check them all out at my Cafe Press shop- We Tees You.

Here's just a smaple of the beach towels I offer. If you'd like a personalized beach towel, contact me at:
smphotography(at) and I can customize a towel at no extra charge!!

Cute beach towels for kids featuring a cute cartoon whale.
 Cute beach towels
These cute beach towels feature a sailboat and sun cartoon.
 Beach towels for kids
Flip Flop Diva beach towels
 Flip flop diva beach towels.

For MORE awesome beach towels visit:

Flip Flops for summer!

It's summer time again when you'll be putting away your tennis shoes and pulling out your flip flops- unless of course you live in a hot climate and wear flip flops year-round like we do here in Florida.

I have added some cute flip flop designs to my shop Fancy Feet.

I have cute and fun flip flops and elegant flip flops with pretty designs, and also some sports themed flip flops.

Go on by Fancy Feet and check out all the flip flops we offer for men, women, and kids.

Here's a sample of what we offer at our Cafe Press shop.

Enjoy your summer with these super cute and fun rainbow and sun flip flops.

 Cute flip flops
Teal polka dot flip flops.
 Teal polka dot flip flops

Color peace signs flip flops
 Peace Sign Flip Flops

New Shower Curtains Designs

I have added 8 NEW shower curtains designs to my Cafe Press shop

I now have 378 shower curtain designs to choose from.
You are sure to find one you like. I offer cute kid's designed shower curtains, sports themed shower curtains, elegant shower curtains, funny shower curtains, and much more.

If you're looking to redecorate your bathroom or looking to just add a new shower curtain, come and check us out.

Here's a few of the new cute kid's design shower curtains. For MORE shower curtain designs, check out:

Add a little sunshine to your bathroom with this cute and fun sunshine and rainbow shower curtain.

 Sunshine Shower Curtains

This cute cartoon cow design shower curtain is sure to be a favorite for those who love country living
and for kids who like fun, colorful designs.
 Cute cartoon cow shower curtains

Teal and black polka dot shower curtains.
 Teal polka dot shower curtains

Pink polka dot shower curtains
 Pink polka dot shower curtains

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Do You Love To Chat?

Do you like to chat with others? Do you like to give your advice? Do you like to give reviews on movies, book, etc? And the last question- DO YOU LIKE TO EARN EASY MONEY?
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This is NO gimmick!! Chat About is a fun, easy way to earn a little extra cash, Amazon gift cards, and products.

What is Chat About?
It's an online forum where you can chat, ask questions or give answers and reviews on things that interest you and earn points when you do so. Those points can be "cashed in" for Pay Pal Cash, Amazon gift cards, and prizes (that are pretty cool by the way).
You also get points when you refer your friends. So join, get your friends to join with your special affiliate link and you will earn 20% of their earned points.

Rules & Guidelines

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Points System
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2 - Reply to a news article (News Section)
10 - Write a review
20 - Write an article

Bonus Area - Added daily! 
Refer Friends - 20% of your friends points forever!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to CHAT ABOUT and get started earning some money by chatting.

Oh yeah....the best part- IT IS FREE!! And if you order a prize gift- you do NOT even pay for shipping!! See, it is 100% FREE!!!!